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A Shapeless Derelict - text

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As dry as they come
This desert 'neath a hollow sun
With nothing ahead
But the ragged shapes of the dead
A smile of the crazed
Comes, settles and stays
Empty before me, empty behind
And the sun forever shines
Nothing is the fire inside
This be all end of life
Waiting for the flame
To tear through the game
Night to revive
The merciless tide
That brings neither change nor life
Carries a shapeless derelict
On spectral waves of static
There is a locker inside
Where my heart forever lies
On burning fields of blackened grain
The flesh is a lie
I am but a sigh
In a storm of soul debris
Wrecked is the ship that tore through the crust
For untold ages is strode with tattered bloody flags
But in the depths where black voids erupt
A still force engulfed the vessel's might
Be all
End all
Sailing on
Towards the sun
The flame will tear through the game
Night is revived
Sailing on
Towards the sun
Tortured eyes repeat the lie
The flesh am I
Be all
End all

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