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16 years guaranteed
That you'd get what you want or get what you need
When you realise you ain't gonna get it mve on
Hit, split n quit it
Said you were waiting for the right time to come
Hit the top of the hill - start to run
Set the wheels in motion
Start 'em up, start 'em up
(I'm saying) right here now, set the wheels in motion
And sixteen years never cured your fears
When you opened your eyes could'nt see through the tears
Out on the edge now you must decide to hump off
Flip, flop or fly
Time to get outta here, yes it is
Time we were changin', shiftin' gears
Set the wheels in motion, start 'em up, start 'em up
When it's time to go, set the wheels in motion
Set the wheels in motion, start 'em up, start 'em up
Right here now, set the wheels in motion
Aimed at the middle, primed up like a loaded gun
Ain't nothin' gonna stop you from explodin'
You've been wastin' your time, bein' led by the blind
Yeah, the weight of the world drags you down
Let you bridges be burned, with the lessons you've learned
You shoukd be walkin' on water by now

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