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Spent your life on the fence
And wonder where the time went
From the time you were born
You always did what you've told
When you've gone there's nothing you leave behind
Always easy to please
Never get off your knees
Give and you will receive
Just like a kick in the teeth
How long can you just turn the other cheek
Tell me what you've got to lose
There's just so much you can do
Stand up, one shot can make a nation cry
One voice can make them wonder why
One spark can make a fire burn
One lesson everybody must learn
You gotta search for the truth
It's just so easy to lose
When there's so many lies
That find a way to get through
I know the future is in your hands
Don't hide your head in your hands
There's just so much you can stand
Who's gonna answer your prayers
When you are no longer there
If you're looking for signs
You must be crazy or blind
I know the future is in your hands
Tell me what you gotta lose
There's so much more you can do

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