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There are no homes where the bombs laid in, open holes of bodies infected. You get your beauty sleep and correct
this before the stench of wretched uselessness reigns. Ever wonder how the war was won? Dividing lines and the
blinding sun. You said you cannot sleep because it hurts. Look outside, sit back and watch them just die while I toss
and I turn. Covered in flies, revealing what was inside under the crust and the dirt. I want to know when you're all finished
these feats of war you've left so endless. Enemy lines obstructed, destruction, by faith in lies to end us all. All
of the while, smelling the reek of the foul while I toss and I turn. Feed the gods of death and destruction because
they've won. Swallow the world whole.

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Bangers II: Scum of the Earth


Barn Burner texty

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