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Caught a ride on your last breath. Remaining stagnant, not living nor dead. I'll trust that you'll be on your way. Pay
the toll while your body decays. These ghosts don't bother me anymore. While you rot and the gatekeeper waits.
Stay here and torment my sleep. Please tell me what can be done. To send you off, leave here at once. These walls
don't talk to me anymore. I've since left, found a way out. that place is haunted, riddled with ghosts. You must believe me,
the things that I saw. menacing creatures, living and lost. These ghosts don't talk to me anymore. Strange
fiction follows me no more. Ancient apparitions at my door. These walls don't talk to me anymore. Oh darling, I can't
sleep a wink. Your presence is so surreal, intoxicating me. Fear and wonder is what I feel in what I cannot see. Oh
Darling I won't weep for thee. How grateful I will always be to have met you. Now what am I supposed to do to send
you home. Sleep, you spirit sleep. Keep the dead deceased. Sleep dear spirit sleep stay dead, deceased.

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