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Ariana Grande - Focus - mini parody - text


I never enunciate,
i mumble everything.
So people have to guesstimate,
the dumb words that i sing.
Sorry i licked all of those donuts,
and said i hate americans,
now i'll say some high school shit,
like Bae and Fleek and Bling.

Let's switch now to the rising
pre-chorus thing,
last time it led to big sean
whisper rapping (one less problem).
This time we hires a
homeless man instead,
to say whatever pops into his head.

Locusts on me!
Loc-loc-locusts on me!
Choke a donkey!
Cho-cho-choke a donkey'

All my music videos,
are expensive to make,
so i had to borrow this,
purple boy from Drake.
I am obsessed with my stupid self,
dressed like a street walker
woodland elf.
I am twenty two years old
but i ayt like i'm jailbait.

My ponytail weighs about 95 pounds
and that's why i can never
put my head down.
This guy smells like he might've
taken a whizz,
I wonder who his favorite actor is.

Ken-Ken Watanabe!
Old salami! (moldy)
Goin' in my tummy!
That's disgusting...

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