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Warning - text


So there it is
Clare it is
As you feared

All these years of wonder
Their closure draws near

A quiet kind of distance
A word I would not touch

Did I ever know my son at all?
Well now I know too much

But where was the warning?
How can this be?

I guess there are somethings
We don't want to see.

Where was the warning
To know this was coming?

Now what do I do with
This news find numbing

Where was the warning,
Where was the warning?

And what if I liked the song I heard before,
The one I sang when my boy was born
All the dreams I had for him
They fade away, lost in words I cannot say.

I wish that I could hold him, God,
He's all alaone and scared.
I should be there for him, I love him so
But I am not repaid,

And where was the warning?
His father will die
How do I tell him? He can't see me cry

Where was the warning?
Don't tell anyone.
I don't want their pity.

I just want ,,, my son.

It's happened, it's happened,
And life is so strange
One simple word
And the whole world has changed
Could this really be my child?
My firstborne, my child.
Playing in his cradle, so tender and mild...

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