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Touch My Soul - text



Things I have don't last for long
Boys have come and boys have gone
I've grown accustomed
I never really cared too much; don't get attached
Because I know them and what they're after

I let them in, we make some noise
They let themselves out, thats their choice
Boys will be boys...
The phone won't ring and I become some anicdote
And though I've had my fun, it gets lonely

But then came your kiss
And all I was missing was there in your eyes
Your lonely blue eyes
So please, say you'll stay
Say you'll never go away
My discarded heart has finally found a home
I know its love... you touch my soul

When I see you, I catch my breath;
Forget my sorrow
And I miss you before you've left
You are tomorrow
Here in your hands
I find a chance to make it through
To be somebody... Stay with me

I need your kiss
Cuz all I was missing was there in your eyes
Your lonely blue eyes
So please take my hand
Let me help you understand
Two searching hearts can rest and be made whole
I know its love... please let me touch your soul
Please let me touch your soul

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