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Have we come to the ending?
Or am I just dreaming?
The music is gone now, the silence is strange
Can you call back that moment
On that day in September
When we first shared that secret
And everything changed?
Can you know what you meant
To a soul that was searching?
Can you know that I'm sorry
For all I've undone?
And know that in my heart
You were the only one

On that day in September it was so unexpected
The moment you kissed me, time seemed to freeze
Now I stand at a crossroad and stare at the question
If prayer were the answer I'd fall on my knees
But forward is calling and I cannot stay here
Nothing can change what you will always be
An angel sent to hold my heart and set me free

I've never been this bare / I've never been so scared
I've never felt such honesty / Don't stop we'll never leave
A moment of such peace / Each of us standing bare
Still you are here with me / Knowing who we have to be
Know as you hold my hand / I hoped and prayed
We're forever you and I / That you'd understand


I know you're here in my heart

Please understand that I tried

Try to see it's not good bye
The act is beginning, the audience awaits

Let's stay in this moment, where secrets reveal
Here in a world where there's safety in falsehood
I have discovered the one thing that's real
That I love you and I've loved you from the start
And if you hold that close to you, we'll never be apart
Peter, please know I loved you...

God, I love you

From the start

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