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Watching The Trains Go By - text


Down at the railroad station my suitcase settin' by my side
Got no high hopes of leaving I'm just watching the trains go by
Watching the trains go by

Lawyer Jabob's wife she is expecting and he wonders why in blazes
How his wife could come to blame now they tried so many times before
Walking back down this dusty farmroad my thirsty mind is high and dry
One more day down at the station watching the trains go by
Down at the railroad station...

Papa's working at the coal mines mama's lying sick in bed
They'd be better off without me one less mouth to be fed
Younger brother John is in the jailhouse down on the woodfarm chopping wood
I stayed around and tried to change him don't look like I done no good
Down at the railroad station...
Down at the railroad station...

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