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On a fearful night she came to me,
A mistress clothed in mystery.
What came next came naturally,
And when I woke up,
I felt sick.

Ive been dripping like endorphin,
Addicted to that Fantasy.
Felt so good I need therapy,
Yeah I gotta fever,
I feel sick.

Don't condescend me,
Then think that its a game.
Cant control my under pain,
Never meant to live this way,

Stay up all damn night,
Then sleep through the day.
I need you to fix me up,
One more hit its not too late.

Don't go back tonight,
Keep me satisfied,
Don't go back tonight,
Keep me satisfied,

My feet burn holes in concrete,
My eyes light up like sunbeams,
My words knock into them softly,
I gotta fever,
I'm so sick.

I thought I told you not to touch me,
But fingerprints all over me,
Now my throats chocked up and I can't breathe,
She gave me fever,
I feel sick.

That girl supplies my every need,
When she's dripping down my IV,
Oh My, What does she do to me?
No, I can't stand up,
I feel sick.

The moral of this tragedy,
Don't touch that fruit, keep your hands clean
That girl is poison, can't you see,
Cant you see,
What she did to me?

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