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I just wanna ride around
Inside a speeding train
See the meadows running by
And watch the flying lights

I’ve been trying to figure out
The men I wanna see
I just want them on that trsain
And talk of everething

I – Thought I’d better run
I want it back, I want it back

We were singing magic songs
And in th silences
I could hear a different sound
Of magic happening
I would love to just pretend I’m right back
Back where the wonder is heard

But I – Though that it could last
I want it back

The color of music fills the sky
The voice of the organ is in my heart
And whern we’re departed, church bells sound
I’m gonna be there one last time

Memories of you and I
You know they are alive
I remember smells and sights
The way your skin would shine
And the way you stretched you hand while smoking

I am hungry for more
And the air’s electric
Taste it
Sense it

The night’s our queen
Mysterious wind
Going strong
The air’s alive
The air’s alive

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Waiting for the White Raven

Barbora Mochowa texty

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