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I jump rope and cycle in the rain
Listen to the clapping of the child

The clock hands retire
Without any bother
Suddenly I float above
The sun asnd wind and sky

Hear my praying
Hear me, Father
I would never play a dirty game

Soaring high up on the wings of time
It takes me, never falls me, to thec top

The sighing gets longer
The memories grow fonder
Time released its hold on m efor now so I can smile
A ruthless fraction
Can one tell met he reason why?
I would rather stay like this for good

Cry your tears into the pudding!
There’s no flame!
Lazy streaks of liquid
Dripping out

Make what made your nose runny
Melt away
Happy things from when you were tiny
They will stay
They will stay

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Waiting for the White Raven

Barbora Mochowa texty

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