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Crux et Circenses - text


Tears are falling, blades cut deep
Flesh is torn, black blood will stream
Only pain will reign supreme

Suffering is the command
of the preacher
Praising submission
Just digging your grave
Sun setting fast
Watching nails going deeper
Spoiling your life
Rise the threshold of pain

Crux et Circenses
It's the dawn of illusion
Twilight of agony
Torture, slow death

Crawl to the cross
Pou, the ultimate slave
Pour king is mocking
the fools that won't save
Scars of mankind
On your flesh the whole lore
Useless and pointless
Pou all bear the sore

Taking no prisoners
Slay all the creatures
Lambs to the slaughter
Pou choose your own faith
flash ripping death
Limbs are torn by the demons
Sugar on wounds
Corpses rot faster way

Bodies will rot under the cross
A feast for the worms
Fools self enslaved, life turned to hell
Stench after death

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