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Fanatiko - text


(Desecration of holy trinity)

Trinity worshippers, praisers of
The son of the whore who
Claimed to be a virgin and that
God's holy ghost made her
Pregnant to give a brith for
Messiah - What a lie!

Holy ritual
Eating the flesh
And drinking then the blood
That symbolic ritual
To eat the messiah
And drinking his blood
Of father, of son, of holy ghost
Of Christianity
Should be wiped
Out from this planet

(Corpses of Muhammed and Allah)

Not only those trinity worshippers
Should be destroyed...perhaps
There is a crowd who need
Destruction even more!

They bow dead god
They praise pig prophet
Their minds are fucked up
They pray and crawl
They crawl like maggots
They worship stone matter
Fuck Allah and Muhammed
Pissing on the corpses
Of Muhammed and Allah
Drowning their believers
In blood and feces
Gathering them all
In the desert like cattle
Giving the napalm
In storm of fire

(The final holocaust)

There were concentration camps
Where approximately six million
Jews were destroyed
There's so much left of them who
Need same handling
So holocausto should be

Rebuild concentration camps
Auschwitz number two
Death to rest of jews too
As soon as possible
Mass murder
Of crowd of fools

Ritual exhaustion
For the people
Before final strike
Of masses of people
Blood after blood
Death after death
The final holocaust

Death to all
No mercy
For the humankind
Last moment of
The civilization
Nuclear fallout
Complete destruction
Erased mankind
Total devastation
Nuclear winter
Planet earth in ruins

Text přidal roman59

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