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Cold Eternity - text


This faceless world, think and behold yourself
In the place that did not exist before
You could not even imagine to experience this
This oppressing spirit, inhaling you within
Possessing, redeeming the fear of death with freedom

We are buried in eternity into life
Above the shadows, serpents, worms at the altar of stone
Through the intense energy, gnawing the fog-veil of the moon
In the name of my Lord, turning my world to become the light of mine

Into the empty mine of eternities
The chosen path has led
And to this furnace near to core
The story dregs I've fed
The gold from this darkest mine
Not of agnosticism, but the alchemic shrine
Purification of the soul
Cold Eternity

Can you think how all this life is maybe
Just a yearning from somewhere
The voyage amidst all seeming vanity to find a new land upon which to construct
That is the fragile surface of reality in this Cold Eternity
In the name of my Lord, opening the locks of death

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