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Do you ever wonder where you go when you die
To the sky - if it's all a lie why make it up
Or go down underground - up - lost or found - up
Try and make your escape into the hands of fate
Wait - you don't know where you're gonna go
Even if they say so - go - 'cause you don't know - no
They only read it in a book - take a look
And you'll know they mistook all I'm saying is true

Your soul is heavy yet your mind is weak
Listen to me, hear what I speak

Light - darkness - purity - good - evil
I am godless

Two sides of life and you're cheating wife
Who is always going down when you're not around?
Uh - talking to the priest and the devil - go east
On the level - feast on the beveled edge
Of her very pledge - and she's hedging her bets
While she's buying corvettes with the money that you made
Maybe she'd have stayed if you'd got paid
Just enough to get laid by the milk maid
Oh I see - you sinners ain't afraid of nothin'

You've accepted your blind belief
Still you struggle with wrong or right
Lack of proof and no evidence
In your mind you still think and fight

Light - darkness - purity - good
Evil - sinner - holy - devil
I am godless

What do you do when you feel so all alone
What do you do when you know you're on your own
What do you see in your mind when you're confused
Now that you're here you'll know just what to do

Light - darkness - purity - good
Evil - sinner - holy - priest
I am godless

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