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My music is for real
It's like a color that you feel
From the metal heart
That beats from down within
And if rock and roll's a sin
Ya know the devil wins again
Oh color me metal
Cause I was born to run

Well I don't need no gasoline
To run this rock 'n roll machine
All I need is all of you to grab
The wheel can't you feel
The fever setting in
As we make the medicine
The music is the doctor make me heal

Lets take a chance and then
We'll know when we get there
Gotta keep on pushing straight
Across the finish line

So color me oh color me metal
Thru the dark like a light
My music lets me see
So color me color me metal
Cause this is rock and roll
And only you can set me free

Oh color me baby
Or color me dead and gone
Color me.... metal!

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