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Farewell To Iron Bastards - text


Settle in 'cause the road going West go drowned.
A river's running though this town.
It picks me up that for a few more days you'll stick around
'cause alone I'm sick, get sad quick, hate no sound.
We're inside while their cars are stalling.
Drying out with the raindrops falling down,
and tonight tonight you've opened up my world, so thank you.
Smiling hard like my face was frozen.
I figure out what I can't when you're not around
and tonight tonight you've opened up my world, so thank you.

Told you once that if life got too grim
I'd coast to Meadow Bay, become a ghost.
I'd tie some weights on and think 'bout what I'd loved the
most - you, in Minnesota air, 'lone and standing there,
I've been so close.

In the midst of enough how I'd end up starving?
It's a foreign country.
Never felt like home.
Took a storm and a drink, washing out pretense.
Puddled up on the floor soaking up defense.
Squinting eyes makes the world make a bit more sense,
you know?

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