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Going down belower
Hit these bitches up
Not giving a fuck
Goodbye giddy up, giddy up
Make them gimme the bucks
'Cause my lifestyle lush and
My mic style tough - fuck is up?
Thought you left a dead bitch in the ground
Ima reach in the dirt, now I'm diggin' her up, aye
Two hoes in my titties it's sucked
Hit the blunt and a bump
Now I'm ready to fuck
Hades heats the ocean
Hip Hop Witch - get this hypnosis
Callate la boca and do what I say or get stomped
That's a quote bitch
Cut the coke up
Cut the dose up
Cut the coke up
Light the smoke up
Don´t you lose your focus
You niggas are too close up
Play with me, I'll load the clip and c-cock and smoke ya
I wrap my hair around your neck
And choke you like I'm supposed ta
Imma blade you like you a ritual
Two cuts to the throat
I'll cut ya open
Bitch I'll cut ya open
Don't ya make me
Don't ya make me
Don't ya make me murk ya
Dont you say too much cause bitch
Cause I'll expose ya
I'll demolish ya, uh, I'll destroy ya
Tarot reading horror
I can see your aura
I can tell your mother taught you how to be a whore
Here comes the horror
Bitch you are a goner
Two shots and I'm ready to fuck
Got the pump in the trunk
And a clip in the clutch
Caught'em all off guard, they ain't ready for us
Say my name, say my name in the mirror enough
I show up with a machete, give these bitches a cut
Snip, snip little bitch, drop the snippet on ya
Better gimme the buck, tell'em gimme the nut
Tell'em gimme the cup, better give me the Dutch
I got plenty for you niggas
Is you with it or what?
Now niggas, come on bitches and hoes
Stay tuned, come on stay tuned, stay for the next episode-a
Haters, okay them haters must be sniffin’ the cola
Ok - okay now I guess I wish niggas woulda
Put it down and I'm picking it up
Got the coke by the pound, and the drip for the mutts! Aye!
Uptown Harlem niggas, whats up?
Ain't no bitch like me
Ain't no bitch like me
Ain't no bitch crowned with the clarity cuts, Aye!
Uptown Harlem niggas, what's up? Aye!
Hey nigga, I'm livin' it up! I got plenty for you niggas is you wit it or what?
Blow ya brains off the wall with the fifth or the four! Better get down when I get in the door!
Get that pussy
Get it wetter
Nigga get in it raw
If that dick long, better gimme some more
The weak at heart will be the first to burn
Burning alive, burning alive
Burning alive
The succubus is coming alive
Under the sun
Under the sun
The succubus is coming alive
Under the sun
Under attack
The succubus is coming alive

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