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I heard there's a brand new zoo in Thailand
So I hitch hike on a private flight and got their man fast
I've greased every palm from A to Z
A mister wanna date with me
I know what I've got to do, and I'll do it

From the day I was born
Always been a second slow
I come from a long land of people
Who never waited in life
I've got a dumb dance inside my pants man
Have watched all the latest shows on Bing Bong
I rode a gift horse into town
Free subscriptions all around
You look like you could use a night in heaven

We're so in love
Everywhere we go it's walking underwater
Suddenly I'll be playing
All the tears are music to my ears

'Cause I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
Fancy man

I looked into my eyes and I saw order
An endless row of flowers along the border
It's no ordinary tragedy
Where the credits roll on the top of me
First I'm going to do it, then I do it

'Cause love's the yes
Within the yes
And everyone's walking underwater
Oh and the fire was [?] with fists
And maybe [?]

'Cause I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
Fancy man

Sometimes I get to think
Is this fancy thing?
Is this a fancy thought?
I'm pretty sure it's not

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