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Shifting the chair on the porch
For a better position to enjoy the warmth
Of the sun
To keep warm

And working the needle and twine
Lost in the furthest recess of the mind
It is calm
There is peace
A cat on his lap and a dog at her feet

But oh
The heart of a man
The secrets they bury within
And oh
The causes that force his poor hand
Lead to be misled
Thus the deceiving hand

And it's a night among easily described
Misunderstanding our thoughts by and by
I'm barely here
If even at all

A fear of the misunderstood
Invites the violence right in chasing off all the good
We'd brought
All on ourselves
Led astray by the words of somebody else

And oh
The life of a man
His head above the water and pushed under again
And oh
I've seen it one too many times
It's a test of the spirit versus
The health of the mind


Bring relief to him now
And the people he loves


I know the feeling's the feeling but
Not what it's called


The will of a man
And all his well meaning intent
And oh
The thought of it all
As far as we've come we're still further to go

All the years we lost
They don't mean nothing at all

Lifting the spirit impression of a son
Bring some peace to his heart and a wondering thought
Bring some peace to this world and keep passin' it on

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