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Superhero - text


Ill be your superhero
Ill will never let u down
I ll be there when u need me call me
I ll always be around
Verse one
beneath my wings rest your head
I will cover you
If your lost and alone
I will rescue you
With your faith and your trust
We re invincible
Ill be your hero
you are the one who knows my secret
that i lead a double life
you understand i have a mission
but everything is still alright
verse two
to the sky i will fly
if u ask me to
if your lost in the dark
i will bring light to you
with my hand on your heart
ill be there for you
i´ll be your hero
if you need me i ill save you
know these words I say are true
and even if Im´ on my journey
Il´l still be there for you
I have searched through the universe
For someone just like you
You´re so amazing in every way
And in everything you do

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