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Verse 1: I logged on to YouTube today
To check my comments to see what it should say
I was shocked by the haters I saw floating around
So here's some of the comments that I found: First of all u are haribile
Ew wat was that ungly thing it looks like a fat nolife
Your not atriative yur very agly
Yo lips fat den a b**ch yo s**t look like to salmon patties (Spoken: What?) She's tertible not funny at all, what a silly gootse
You are sutch a freeck and I'm not going to sub to you (Okay)
Are you insain, Werido, you suck
That's what it is OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH your ugley as f**k Chorus: Reading mean comments is fun to do

Feeling worse about myself all because of you
But the joke's on you, so keep saying "I want you killsd"
'Cuz your comments make me money, and you're paying my bills Doo-doo-doo-doo-di-di-di-di (Spoken: Let's read some more, shall we?) Verse 2:
Happy suck your butt (Spoken: Nice)
Omg your dumb as f**k
I'm sorry but dat be a stupid bish
Dear God, give us back Hitler because at least he was better then this (Spoken: Wow) Suck my dick it'll make your lips big for sure (Spoken: I think I'll pass)
I hatte you, you are so dumm wh**re
Go to space and take your helmet off b**ch,
your vagina smells like cat food and u can't sing or s**t
(Spoken: Actually I have a very healthy pooping schedule, 3 times a day mother trucker) (Repeat Chorus) Doo-doo-doo-doo-di-di- di-di-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-di- di-di-di-yeah, your comments make me money and you're paying my bills 

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