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Place To Lay Your Head - text


Look at you lookin like a superstar
girl i bet you sure know how to break a heart
I ain't got no knock you down pick up lines
but girl i bet you and me could have a good time

So come on and roll with me if you want to baby I'm ready to go
we can paint up the town burn it on down
or dance down an old dirt road
and I've got the keys to an old feather bed
and baby when you're ready to call it a night
I've got a place to lay your head, I've got a place to lay your head

Well I know a spot on second avenue
with a bottle of wine that's callin me and you
we can drive to the country side, kinda see what's goin on
long as I've got you baby all night long


It looks like a yes behind that little grin
well I guess you're gonna have to tell your friends
that you've found a better way to spend your night
well I know it's crazy but it sure feels right


Text přidala MiladaRoz

Video přidala MiladaRoz

Frankie Ballard

Ballard Frankie texty

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