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The end gives rise to the following
The break divides a line in two
The rhythm of the Earth is set now
by March through post-apocalypse way

The thirteenth constellation
from nine octagonal stars -
cosmic formula
to portal of a black era
It is our channel
to a black abyss of chaos
for passing to the Earth
universal endless negative

Nine octagonal stars,
deprive our terrestrial fetters!
Nine octagonal stars,
shine us a post-apocalypse way!

The condition of a body becomes omnipresent
With each breath new dimension is learnt
But I can not breathe, I can not listen, I can not see
I feel the dark worlds mentally, not opening my eyes

I see the grains
millions around
One of them
is planet Earth
Millions cycles
Millions codes
Black cosmos
rules it all

Nine Octagonal Stars

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