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Poisoned air
melts under rays of sun
Burning hot wind
carries radio-active dust
After infernal storm
the deserts keep it in itself
of past aeon

Grey lifelessness
No colours here
Only red horizon
is bloody shine
Shapeless remains -
splinters of civilization
The echo of the past
sounds in nuclear craters

Squad of apocalypse
rises from the underground
With earthquake
vault gate is opened
First step on scorched land -
on threshold of epochs change
Great Sun eclipse
sign of dead light, and dead god

Deserts of ashes -
coals of war
Worldwide essence
is changed at all
Darkness wrapped
the black sphere of earth
Octagonal stars
turned over on sky

From peace to war
The End for mankind
From gates to horizon
deserts of ashes!

Text přidal roman59

Era II: Deserts of Ashes

Balance Interruption texty

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