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Show The World - text


They think that we feel, Fear
They think that its luck
That got us here, but they dont know about us
They dont know about us!

This is what we do! (4x)
They dont know (about us) (4x)

The timing isnt perfect, if Im beging honest,
But the sh!t never is when were talking problems
Im going crazy, my babys climbing from the bottom,
But you can freeze in hell before you can fxckin stop her
Hell Nada We still gotem
A Patch-work heart full of pride you can hold the vodka,
Cuz the courage aint liquid or optional
Ill crawl if i cant run or walk
Fxck obstacles

I know sometimes we forget
And i promise to pull you trough this sh!t
Its my honor (2x)
Our time is forever
No Regrets

Show the world who the fxck we are (4x)

They dont know (a-) (5x)
Who the fxck we are (4x)

They dont know who we are, they dont know about us (3x)

If the odds are stacked against us ten thousnad to one
We will still not back down from nothing or no one cuz
We never forgot what got us here (2x)

What got us here (4x)

Heart full of anger blame it on the passion (6x)

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