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In These Halls (The Graduation Song) - text


Tell me what did you learn all these year?
Tell me what are you gonna take away from here

We spent 4 years growing up together
And the time the it took felt like forever
We spent 4 years racing to this day
Now we're wishing that we hadn't
Wished all that time away

Now we're here, Waiting for out turn
As we wait, I'll tell you what I learned

I learned how to laugh, I learned how to cry
I learned to enjoy every moment as it's passing by
I learned how to live, I learned how to love
I learned how to work hard and never give up
And the rest is just luck
And I might have picked up a thing or two
From the books that I read
But don't tell anyone; I'll never admit that I did
But I learned that life begins outside these walls
Thanks for the memories that we had in these halls

So tell me what's running through your mind right now
Tell me how, how do we say good-bye to a town

We spent most of our lives growing up in
Where we went to school and made our best friends
We spent 4 years trying to get out of this place
Now with time like an hourglass running out
There's not much time left to waste

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