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The hour is close to midnight
As I lay here all alone
And something burns me up inside
When I hear that straycat moan
As I dream away my days
Just waiting for the night
I’m blinded by desire, I’m hypnotized
I’m bound by the chains of love.

I can feel the hunger grow
Every time I hold you near
Through I try, I can’t control
How those feelings got me here.

I’m going under
My heart’s gonna fall
No place to run
With my back to the wall.

‘cos I’m bound by the chains of love
Fueled by desire, I can’t get enough
‘cos I’m bound by the chains of love
Fueled by desire, bound by the chains of love.

When I hear you call my name
I come running to your door
Don’t know why, I can’t explain
Why I’m coming back for more.

It’s getting harder
I can’t keep away
I got a fever, baby
I can’t betray.

You got me begging on my knees, baby
Don’t ever set me free.

Sooner or later
The tide is gonna turn
Sooner or later
You’re gonna learn.

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