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Blood On The Streets - text


It’s downtown after midnight
And something’s going down
When the going gets tough
When the going gets heavy
You’d better know you’re way around.

There’s a boy there in the corner
With a devil in his eyes
He’s got a .357
And a fistful of money
He says he ain’t afraid to die

He’s a mean double dealer
With a white line fever
And a taste for gasoline
He says I’m gonna send somebody
To their maker tonight
If they try to mess with me.

A boy with a loaded gun
Got no place to run
His only way out
Is face down in the street
Young boy’s got the blues
‘cose he was born to loose
Fighting for life
In the land of the free.

Gun shots without a warning
Go ripping through the night
All hell breaks loose
And the bullets keep coming
Young boy goes down without a fight.

So he met his maker
In the gutter tonight
Gonna make the headline news
Young boy shot dead
With a bullet to the head
Who had nothing left to lose.

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