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It's Not Funny Anymore - text


There's a house in your head
And the lights, they are on
They shine through your eyes
Through your mouth on your tongue
There's a house in my head
But the lights, they're not on
They went out, one by one
In your heart, in your lungs

It's not funny anymore

Place our heads side to side
Knock a hole through the wall
Push your tongue through my ears
And nail me, nail me to the floor
Leave me there inside the house
Flush the keys, slam the door
Then you scream through the keyhole
It's not funny anymore

It's not funny anymore

There's a car on the road
And it drives like a dream
See your lies in my eyes
As my tears stream
Tear the brakes from the floor
Drop your toes on the gas
I'll stand here like a wall
That you made from sugarglass

It's not funny anymore

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There's Something Going On

Babybird texty

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