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It’s really weird, I had this dream last night, I put my fingers through the screen of a little TV with wings on either side.
Gunfingers, gunfingers, weird man, gunfingers, gunfingers.
Hey I was only five years old with my hands still #### a little TV with my hands in it. My parents locked the door and left me home alone just like Macauley Culkin. Got off on this thing, as it sucked my hands in and my body went with it. I was a little like Sonic the Hedgehog. Gunfingers.

When I was fourteen I found out that there were other things to be done with fingers like exploring dark spaces in between your head and your toes, some that you’re told never to explore. Weird man, I had that wet dream again last night. Gunfingers, gunfingers, gunfingers, fish fingers.

It’s like something you catch off the TV, like a rash of six hundrets dots that cover your skin like a soft scream. Dig your fingers in it. Dig your fingers in it. Gunfingers, gunfingers, gunfingers, the smell lingers.

I had a weird dream last nigh.
I shot you through the head with my gunfingers. Gunfingers.

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