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One night as I lay sleeping
I could hear children singing a song
When I woke up I was weeping
And I knew that something was terribly wrong
Who are all those children
And what do they want with me?
What's that song they're singing?
Something about Calvary
Calvary, up on Calvary
Jesus said, "Don't weep for me
No, don't weep for me
Weep for your children instead."
Who are all of those children anyway?
They ought to be home in bed
What happened to your Mama?
Where has your Daddy gone?
What happened to your big sister?
And why are you singing that dreadful song?
Take up your cross and follow
Wake up from your sleep
Wake up, wake up in sorrow
Wake up, wake up and weep
Take up your cross and follow
Won't you follow me?
Wake up, wake up in sorrow
Wake up on Calvary

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