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I feel my mind
He shoots out turning fine
Feelings aside
Everyone is in line

Waiting in time
Everyone is in line
You are sublime
Your mother died with mine

Waiting in time
He will lie
He's sublime

I know it's true
You had me
Through and through
I am with you
Everything is blue

La la la
That's how the story goes
I sing and stroll
Round and round a soul, go

Waiting in time, he will lie
He's sublime, time, scribes
He is one more ride
He is one more time
I am evil lie

Taking a ride on my galloping mind
And if you're in the saddle please hold on real tight
The trip is a long one, you wont need a guide
'Cause the road always changes as minutes go by

Taking a ride on my galloping mind
Taking a ride on my galloping mind
Taking a ride on my galloping mind
Yeah taking a ride, taking a ride

Oh, it is not really right
Lying more, lying
And it's all my time

I am amused
Everything is askew
I live with you
Just like I wanted to

I want to learn
Everything you will learn
I am a lie
I yeah

I'm his one more time
I'm his evil lie
I'm his lie lie lie
And I lie lie lie bad toy
He can read your mind

Why'd I say
What you've done to me?
And I'm fucking mad
And I told you that
And I hate your guts
And I hate your guts
And I lie

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