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Wonton Soup - text


Oh my god Based God!
You could fuck my bitch, Based God!
You swag to the maxiumum
Swag 100K, 100 trillion! Oh god damn Based God!

Hopped up in my car (swag!) then I drop my roof
Wet like wonton soup. That's just how I do (swag!)
Then I park my car, then I fuck your bitch
Eat that wonton soup, wet like wonton soup

[Verse 1]
Eat the cake like Annie Mae
Young Based God and I been doin my thing
Take my shirt off and the girls go insane
4 diamond rings, 2 big-ass chains
Eat that wonton soup I got the cash like chang chang chang
Bitches suck my dick because I cum like 36 ways
AK-47 leave that bitch with no fucking aim
Call my main bitch and she stay giving me brain
Put that bitch to shame, violate that brain
Young Based God dope my bitch like I'm cocaine
Bitches snort my ring, that crackpipe like my chain
Found a dope man, I ride that bitch like Ace of Spades
Ho don't play that game!
I'm rapping not for the fame
I almost went to jail for like 500 days!
Bitch don't give no fuck, that's why I fuck her in the face
Fuck you suckers' heads then I ask her what's her name
Based God


[Verse 2]
Suckers stay talking on them Internet comments
Mad cause I'm most wanted like Osama
Please bitch, you haters don't got no felonies
Young BasedGod flex 10 armed robberies
Young BasedGod been breaking & entering
Young BasedGod ride hot when you bought it
30 on my dick on that court like Spalding
Bitches suck my dick because I look like JK Rowling
Harry Pot my bitch, I fuck my ho, her brain is awesome
Fuck my damn ring, bitch I'm paying what it's costing
Jewelry is awesome, BasedGod is gorgeous
Going down to Georgia to fuck my big bitch
Mane fuck her cause she gorgeous
Young Based God stay posted in the fortress
Fuck my main bitch then I dump her in the forest
You niggas know I got money, bitch
100 thousand
Based God, nigga


[Verse 3]
Damn I look good, so I'm running for the mayor
Young Based God got hoes in different flavors
You know I'm fucking two and I ran like Jason Taylor
Hoes on my dick cause I look like Frasier
And Andy Milonakis. Bitch, I'm Johnny Cochran
Smooth with that chopper but I'm gone like my father
Ho suck my dick cause I took her to the Opera
Bitch suck my nuts cause I wear nice watches
I'm looking like an Ostrich, black like I'm gothic
Hoes suck my dick cause I laugh when they shopping
Young Based God gives a fuck about your problems
Label left me dead and they gave me no options
Fuck you rap niggers cause you scared of your damn self
Bitch suck my dick cause it's good for her damn health
Young Based God kill a bitch with my ring
Young Based God got the world insane, Based World

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