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Where The Game Began - text


Been a long time since a nigga did came back
And I bought a Cadillac, ain't bought no Maybach
Like air yeezy's nigga I stay strapped
The gloc 4-5, pistol whip you for pay back
Front me two zips and I bet you I make that
No I'm not a drug dealer but I slang crack
But I dissolve any nigga who claim that
He better than Lil B, bruh you ain't that
Tell Eminem that I'm ready to battle rap
I got love for 8 Mile, Detroit you know that
Whoever in my way I'm a take that off em
You be whining to the bitch, lemme take that off em
Why every rapper wanna be a player?
Everybody wanna rep their city and they wanna be the mayor
Niggas in the street will die for the bitch
You be lying on the bitch
And he lying on a bitch
Niggas out here screaming M O B
But the last time I heard it was dem owe me
The rap game need to write me a letter
Tell lil b he got the fucking game in a sweater
Hat on my back and I'm doing whatever
You fuck around with me, we gone be dying together
Smoke blunts every day, niggas dying, whatever
Fuck a party, duckin out for popo
I hit too many licks now I'm ready to go-go
Shouts out to Baltimore coming with boat-loads
Hit me with the fish line
Tell me this time
Be patient, it's just fine
You only get one chance, keep your head up
If you stay positive you gon' stack your bread up
We being hard headed, I'm back to the streets
Back to the same place where we meet
Had the sack with the white bag
Four deep, no sleep, east oakland doing things
Got love for the brothers that be positive
Real talk, that's the only way we gotta live
But everybody don't see eye for an eye
That's why I stay strapped up, now it's me for I
Take the me out, now it's I for I
I don't respect no killers hiding behind them triggers
When you ride, have honor, no mask nigga
Took niggas beef that wasn't mine
Now you yellin' fuck the world one time
But the hood, it's the hood that made me
But the same damn time, it's the hood that hate me
Fuck around trying to be a thug make you crazy
Why you screaming fuck a bitch? Love a lady
If you got your heart broke go try again
We was born angels, we gon' fly again
RIP my brother, gonna cry again
Two brothers, two sisters, I'm the one that lived
Gotta pay back
For you fuck niggas, ASAP
Look at my back yard, same size as the race track
Still holding guns and I am well respected
Keep the peace and love, never intersected
That's all, Lil B, Can you hear my message?

No pictures
How I feel so vicious?
With 4 bitches
Bottom line I'm killing shit
How I drop 400 stacks off the dealership?
That's just another brother from the world like you
I speak to women to
Raised by a woman so I can kinda see what you go through
But I can't lie, I don't understand
Who am I to judge?
Who am I to care?
Who am I to stare?
The same dude on the bus with the dirty shoes might be the President
And you can't judge
Gotta open up your mind, love so you love
Gotta be a real thug and go give a hug
Fuck the suckas man, peel your mugs
I might spill your blood

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