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Warm Ups - text


[Intro: Lil B]
Based Jam this is uhh... beautiful occasion
Yeah you know who this is

Welcome to BasedJam, nothing like Spacejam
You really killed all dark like Raybans
Niggas ask me why I dance
I celebrate every day you can't never hate
I never seen magic that part make you levitate
That part make you lose weight
The pistol in the face make the pastor lose faith
Talk alotta shit but what can the dude say?
He not BasedGod he not Lil B
I know why he mad cause the Presidents feelin me
Bitch Mob Task Force they gon drill for me
Code word that means kill for me
No I'm not a gang but them jump outs feel me
Know it took a while to feel me
But I'm too real I'm the man you will be
Move through the fake cause there's only the real me
You get fucked over, you gotta come deal with me
But this my story
Gettin gang from the OGs coming before me
People act like they'll be thuggin that.40
But the streets get old that fake shit bore me
I'll never be satisfied
People in the projects who be free sometimes
Until then I keep one grind
Only me and one mic a little sunshine
A word from the people going through hard times
I'm a welcome you to my life
And show you... five Lil B

Text přidal Moonblade

Based Jam

Lil' B texty

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