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Trapped In BasedWorld (Intro) - text


I'm a tell ya like this
I'm a tell ya like that (mmm)
I'm a tell ya like this
This the motherfuckin' trapped in BasedWorld, bitch!

Hey, man!
Hey, man!
This is for the real Bitch Mob
I'm talking 'bout this for the motherfucking Bitch Mob soldiers
I'm talking 'bout those motherfuckers that's ready to catch 30,40 for the Bitch Mob

Trapped in BasedWorld
I'm still smoking dope
Hit 'em with the scope
I look like Al Capone
I look like Ted Bundy
I hate all killers
But I am a thriller
But I am for real-a
Fuck what you think
And fuck what you drank
Bitch Mob here I bought...40 girls
Bitch Mob pretty boy you don't know about that world
I'm down with 10 cases
That's a damn shame
Use your damn brain
Friends got you tapped
Can't take a nap
Cause they sleepin' on your back

Welcome to Trapped in BasedWorld. This is for real Bitch Mob
Like I said, you motherfuckers better be ready to take a case for that Bitch Mob, man.Better be ready to take 30 or 40, straight up. You know everybody up over here–this is for the only real militant of the bitch mob, you feel me? It's not for all them new pussies, you got none of that: you reppin' the bitch, man, you love that shit. Hey, protect Lil B, rep the Bitch, love the Bitch. You know we stay pretty boys. 10 town, you know, that mean 10 everything, man–so sick, man, 10 everything: 10 hands down, 10 hands to the sky, 10 hands plead the fifth; you know we be original. Yeah, yeah, what I say man? This that real ooooh. Trapped in BasedWorld

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Trapped In Basedworld

Lil' B texty

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