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Tiny Pants Bitch - text


(But your girl choose up I'm a bag her and I snatch her.
B Town boy with them Tiny tiny tiny pants)
Real niggas in this motherfucker; I'm back bitch
BasedGod you feel me? Lil b for little boss, man
Tiny pants on like a fagget
Ya'll niggas can suck my dick, I'm pullin bitches
Hunned million... I'm goin in on this motherfucker
I ain't never gave a fuck about nothing nigga
Fuck the world nigga and fuck me. basedgod nigga

[Verse 1:]
Ten on my dick with them bitches on my dick
Bruh get mad cause I say what I want
Bitch, it's young Basedgod with them gold grill fronts
Swaggin out the door... bitch just like a fagget
Twerking in the game, I was born with the swag
Born with the base, I'm a young trapping ho...
Fucking all these bitches in the face, You ain't Know?
Been ice skating... Young Wayne Gretzky...
Sittin in the scraper, no license bitch arrest me
Came out the hood now I'm fuckin with the suburbs
Sleeping in the mansion... love flexing hummers
Two iced chains with them rings like a bitch
Hoes on my dick cause I'm that pretty bitch
I got a bad broad and I still might rob her...
Man you thinking I'm a ho, hit your ass with the chopper. bitch

(B-Town boy with them tiny tiny tiny pants,
just when your girl choose up I'm a bag her and I snatched her)
Basedgod you feel me? I ain't never gave a fuck about none of this shit, nigga
FUCK THAT, I ain't never had to work a day in my life nigga
I don't give a fuck about none of that shit
I'm a say what I feel, I'm a do what I want... and I'm a die nigga
You feel me? us niggas keep it one hunned, and I live my life
Real shit, basedgod in this motherfucker I ain't never gave a fuck bruh...

[Verse 2:]
Stright waterfront... straight west side, bitch
I do this shit the long way... pump with the pump fake
Came from the whip with the mask and the duct tape...
2010 I'm a run? nigga fuck that...
Posted on the block... got cought slipping
Play with the shotgun. I was starting where you finish
Looked him in his eyes, he had a mask on his face
Young basedgod put a bitch in his place
Tiny Pants yeah, and I'm riding on a full tank
Bulletproof vest, purple jeans looking fruity
Then I pull your ho and I fuck her on the Gucci
Dirty ass vans, got you thinking that I'm losing
Pull ten out you dumb suckas looking foolish
West berkeley boss blowin' smoke where the roof is
Riding around town bitch ask how I do this
Waterfront legend basedgod I'm going stupid nigga...

(B-Town boy with them tiny tiny tiny pants,
just when your girl choose up I'm a bag her and I snatched her)
That's how we do it bitch...
You feel me? waterfront, seventh street...
Ya'll motherfuckers are sleeping, I ain't never gave a fuck, bitch
I got tiny ass yellow pants on, tiny ass green pants on...
Niggas can't fuck with me. none of you niggas
I swear on my life, bitch... I'm ready to die, nigga...
Fuck all you bitch ass niggas... fuck everybody...
Rawest Rapper Alive...

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