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Thugs Pain - text


I'm a tell you the game up way

These niggas so creep, I'll tell you bout the street
I'm a keep it five henny, my problems is deep
Niggas keep it real, now niggas getting sleep
Niggas watch me on the street, I'll be feeling lie this shit,
Mainly keep it 500, though I'll be down for the deep
Man, this is sick, niggas will lvoe me from sleep
I'm a keep it too real all this fault to play
Niggas... to the hood, best shit is alem,
Dying too young, I'm tired of getting that
I'm not gonna take the loss, I'm a push a nigga real back
He gonna need a teen strap, he gonna need a doctor
I'm feeling the prayers, I'm a told the choppler,
I'm a keep it real bro, I don't pop pills bro
AndI'ma tell you this, you're sick but I'm sick too
I deserve the love, but you suckers tryin to get to
Keep the chopper reachin' 'cause niggas be hatin,
To keep it 100, niggas is ready
Niggas wanna street me, nigga wanan get me,
Welcome to the navy they training on six street
I don't respect niggas till they smile and they sell dope
The cold of the streets ain't nothing to die for,
What I got a life for, my past stay with me
You're thinking I'm a sucker I'm a turn into history Lil B bitch,

You know can't fly,. this nigga can't...
I'm a keep for real
I'm the one, I'm really thuggin'

I'm a tell these niggas what's up

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