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Thugs Jurnal - text


Came from the same spot, same spot they slang at
If you do dirt, bet them niggas gon' bang back
Broad daylight, nigga, no passion
You were just at home, now your body ashes
Got the 40, same size as a Maybach
Fake suckers put it on you like a wavecap
Come back, I'mma work you right
Made a mil last summer doing deals at night
Won't nobody squeeze, got the vest in the chop
Won't nobody, maybe this thug passion
All it is is sacred, underground like dirt
Can't nobody take us, please don't trip
Can't nobody fade us
The nine real sick like the Oakland Raiders
I move fast like the Oakland Raiders
Stick and move cause I'm paper chasing
Real stress when your body aching
This a thug's journal

Yeah, uh, maybe this a thug's journal
Yeah, maybe this a thug's journal
Uh, this a thug's journal
Uh, this a thug's journal

Seem to think when I'm at my lowest
I seen a life few times most won't notice
The Bay Area too sick, so sad to see
One doctor, no money, nowhere to be
How he handle this stress? No finesse
Nigga take two shots, bitch, show respect
A nigga sell crack just to make a profit
You're killing off the block, go to jail to stop him
Look behind him, here come the police
But killing off the fiends is our family
Nigga stuck in the past
Scared to take a step forward
I don't know if it's love or hate, I can't tell no more
I see the pain and the cold in their eyes
I'm the one man army, nigga fuck the suckers
I put the guns down bitch, and I'm ready for whatever
I'm fighting for the cause while you're killing for chedder
Fuck niggas, you feel me?
And they brothers killing them for the street fame
You a pussy and a bitch, nigga for real

Maybe this a thug's journal
This a thug's journal
This a thug's journal
This a thug's journal
One life for the
Maybe this a thug's journal
Put your lighters in the air
Peace signs in the air for the love
This a thug's journal
BasedGod Velli, it's Lil B
This a thug's journal
This a thug's journal

Text přidal Moonblade

BasedGod Velli

Lil' B texty

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