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Thugged Out Bitch - text


Aye nigga aye... Aye
I heard that you, said you got more bitches than Lil B
Now I'm a, correct you
When the last nigga told me that he had more bitches than Lil B
I, made the mistake and I believed him
And I went to his house
And uh, to prove my point he did not have anywhere...
Close to as many bitches that Lil B has
Let's get that

[Verse: Lil B]
What's up with that work, bitch you look like a superstar
I'm stuck in Miami
That shit mean we fuckin'
Hit the king of diamonds body that nigga bitch go broke
I'm off them blue pills, red pills ah, for reala
I'm a tell ya who the deala
I'm a tell ya who the bitch
I tally up, everything bitch I don't forget shit
Let the choppers talk, I'm a talk I'm a tell you what the fuck
I need a bitch, cause I look like ah. Jerry Springer
I'm a... Press the button I don't gotta lift a finger
Man this beef shit deep, I be out on the streets
I don't go to the clubs, niggas know I tot the K
I'm a tot that new Mac
I'm a tot that Mossberg
I'm a tot the new 30, commin' with the auto-aim
Fuck any bitch that... Don't fuck with me
I'm a make it snap
I'm a do the rodeo
Fuck what ya think, I'm holdin' that 40
Niggas actin' relevant, they girl gon fuck me
I'm commin down with 20 bitches, niggas don't know me
Niggas gon owe me, ya learning bout the BasedGod
Down for the otha, I'm a hit em' with fuckin chop
Bitch roll my blunt, I'm strapped up to the mothafucka
Look I'm on MTV, next I'm on BET
Bitch I'm gon snap
Bitch I don't rap
Ya already know I need a bitch from the trap (Okaay)

Thugged Out Bitch (Okaay)
Thugged Out Bitch (Okaaay)
Thugged Out Bitch (Okaaay)
Thugged Out Bitch (Okaaay)
Thugged Out... (Go crazy then)
Thugged Out... (Go crazy then)
(I did that) I'm a Thugged Out Bitch (I did That)
Thugged Out Bitch (Okaay)
Thugged Out Bitch (Ookaaay)
Thugged Out Bitch (I feel ya) (Okaaay)
BasedGod! (Damn) [Followed by echoes]

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