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The Working Man - text


Yeah, this for the working man
You know I got a plan I gotta get a job somehow, you feel me?
I'm a stay positive though, I want you to listen to my story
Shoutout to Lil B

I'm gon' wake up late and I hate the morning
When I hear the birds chirp that mean it's way too early
I'm throwing water on my face and I get the table
I got a wife and two kids, no jobs no cable
But I'm still so happy and I'm willing and able
Nobody can judge me 'cus I'm tryna get stable
I live positive and I listen to Lil B
I swear to God I'm going to make it out the hood, you'll see
I put fire in the house, smoke come out the chimney
I got wood in the back, my campfire too friendly
I'm tryna get a job and see what's open
When I look at my kids I wanna get 'em out Oakland
There was a shootout around them corner
Told my wife, "stay humble" I don't want her harassed by thugs
Made something out of nothing, get it? We made something out of nothing
Shoutsout to Lil B

What we gon' do tonight? If I pray to God we gon' be alright
Say "cut the welfare", how the fuck we finna eat with no welfare there?
Sup mom, yeah, shit I'm back in the hood it's a bright day
I gotta get my shit together, I'm stuck in this motherfuckin' world forever
Nobody gon' care for a nigga that's dead
Lift the frame, bitch, like you movin' the bed
Another day another quarter, not even a dollar
Bitch won't give me her number she see me out walking
I'm catching the bus, making my lunch, got two gold fronts, peacoat with lint
Dirty pants and my dirty dreads, a bitch better give me my bread motherfucker

This for the working man, man
Keep hustling, stay positive, don't let the hood get you man
Walk past right past the dope dealers, right past all the hoes and go to your job
All that easy money all that jail time look at that like Monopoly jail time
You feel me?
You know, you can be in the motherfucking gutter man
And you better walk to that college man, you better catch the bus to college
Don't let them suckas stop you
You feel me?
Let them do everything they do around you man
You feel me, you always gotta think bigger than where you at
You know we all working, the working man, the working woman
Ladies you know you see them hoes strippin', fuck it do what you do
If you don't wanna do that, you know
Take your time, struggle hard, and you gon' make it, you feel me?
You see the hoes sellin' pussy, you heard me? Doin' whatever they do
You don't gotta be a part of that, you know, you bigger than that
I ain't knocking nobody because everybody do what they do
But I'm just saying: do what fit you, don't let anybody
Fuck yo' timing up, don't let a man come in your life and fuck your shit up, ladies
And dudes don't let a bitch come in your life, a female that come in and fuck your claim up
The working man, the working woman, this for all of us worldwide, keep pushin', hustlin'
Illusions of Grandeur Part 2 mixtape, this all real shit

Text přidal Moonblade

Video přidal Moonblade

Illusions Of Grandeur 2

Lil' B texty

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