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Yeah I just want the truth ya know I need these bitches you feel me

[Verse 1:]
What's up with that work, bitch, you look so thick
Like 20 bang bitch I look like Prince
Fuck what ya heard ho, shake that ass bitch
I need a rocker girl that look like '96 Pink
Fuck what ya heard, BasedGod I had the freak
Bitch know what's up ho I flex Big Meech
Tell ya like this, I'm in underground Atlanta
I bought some hot Jordans, cause I can't afford 'em

Niggas like me do things you don't know
I'm gutta with a fine girl, she stay in Based World
Baby mama drama so I had to get tested
The bitch told me lies, I thought I was a dad
A lot of people words don't mean shit (fuck 'em)
I still fuck that bitch cause I'm cocky and I'm rich
Bitch shake yo ass cause I keep that shit honest
Dope in my trap house I look like a farmer

Bitch look at you
Ooh you look so cute
Fuck what ya heard girl I'm down for the truth [x2]

Fuck what it do
I'm what it do
Girl you look so good
Ooh you the truth [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Bitch no disrespect, Nah I ain't got no deal
It's free agent Based God, I'm unsigned and poppin' pills
Lick the bitch pussy down the middle like the Nile River
Niggas don't gotta fuck with me, I fuck with these females
Bitches be creep too, my third eye for the free throw
I party with a lot of girls, Lil B that's a lot of girls
Lil B that's fucked up, why you so selfish?
Cause in the hood I was telling lies, fucking no bitches

I had a lot of hoes even though I was on the buss
No car, man they love me like Leonardo
No sacrifice, bitch I'm glass face
Come in that's Based face, I fucked the girl at my place
Fucked a girl off MySpace, cause I am very ratchet
Bitch you can kiss my ass cause it's million dollar package
Bitch you can kiss my ass, let me tell you some advice
I teach you how to turn your bitch on, ain't got no lights


Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

Trapped In Basedworld

Lil' B texty

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