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Aye Bruh Check this out bruh
You already know who this for mayne
This For My Texas Family You Feel Me
We Big Beltin' and everythang Belt Buckle and everythang
Man I'm Talkin We Fifty
Bitch Mob

We In Here
BasedGod's in here
Fuckin Bitches in here
Niggas know and don't care
Asking questions bout work
Bitch prolly gettin scurred
Boy prolly in there
Niggas come with that furr
Based Drummin Down your ear
Glock 40 with the square
Bitch I ain't never have furr
Livin life I don't care
Makin moves over here
Send da bitch over there
Like it I don't care
Fuck her like I got nerf
Smokin On that work
Wiz Khalifa Purp
Real Thugs over here
Locked up I don't care
Bitch mob Over here
Bitches just like work
B's Havin That Funk
I'm a Tell You what's the word
Switch Up I have Nerves
Loyalty is Just a word
Got What You Deserve
Niggas Hatin round here
Catchin cases round here
Heavy funk round here
Box Chevy round here
Bitch mob round here

Big Belts [x8]
Texas [x8]

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Videa přidal Moonblade

Trapped In Basedworld

Lil' B texty

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