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Still In The Hood - text


Then I do what I do but I'm so into you
I can't let go

You see me in this trap, you see me in the Trapville, we kickin it '65
Still in the hood, still in the hood
Still in the hood bitch
(You fuckin with a real nigga)
Taking M Gerr
You see me in the trap nigga
Yea, I'm still in the hood bitch
But why they call me general while I'm driving in my Bentley
Got this scope on the block cause jealous niggas envy
If you shot up in this car when they rise through the city
Got us heated here light as in unit like 50
Moving in this willow city gotta bounce back 50
Niggas play the NBA but they lift his ass to meet me
I respect following niggas, devoted stay with me
I can feel it in the air, tell them bitches come and get me
You know I'm based living, hold the toast in the semi
Make a toast that you hear me, always been friendly
But niggas so fake, you gotta hit em with the cake
If you survive in the baze then you will be okay
They wanna lift the block, I still heat the heat
Niggas call it the trap but it's the travels
A lot of niggas slave, their minds is poppin
Get you a therapist and talk about your problems bitch

You see me in the trap nigga
3-65 mane
Feel that 50 vibe
I'm still in the hood
I'm still in the hood nigga
I mean, are we thuggin?
You see me in the trap
They see me in the trap
You see me in the trap yea
I'm still in the hood, nigga

I can never be racist while I'm counting big faces
Save the smart faces, put em in different places
These niggas cold, everybody catching cases
Do it for the stripes, son do it cause they say it
Trust no nigga snortin dope with the babies
Cause we on that one way and we goin bout 80
Taking trips on high 80, bag the zips on the daily
Bruh I gotta get paid because I feel lazy
You tell me step their hoe up, bitch you better hit the trackers
Talking bout you bum niggas who really bout that sack
But really serve you sacks when you're just around the corner
Boy you ain't bout the case, you ain't got no trophies
Damn, we're really thugged out
Playing baseball, bitch I hit the dug out
I'm a blew all the mac out
You throw the rug out
Shit I'm a pull that mac out while you pull the rug out bitch

They see me fuckin 5 days of the year
I'm still in the hood bitch
You see me in the trap, you see me in the trap
You see me in the trap yea
I'm still in the hood bitch yea
Yea, who fuckin with a real fucker?
I'm talkin bout man you know
Niggas still in the hood man
Man you see me out there what it is
You know we bouncing back 50 sides
Different stacks, just fucking with it
You feel me? I'm a post in this niggas shit regardless
You feel me?
I don't need no confirmation or nothing
But I'm just coming through to sell that thugged out shit
What it do? What ya do? Wussup bro?
Fuck with me, fuck with me
Fuck with him, you know niggas still believe that I'm gonna fuck
What it do? Ya feel me?
We the realest man, we come through man
I'm talking about niggas is kung fu on come throughs man
Ya feel me?
Yea, that's what I said man
Here I go, ya feel me?
Niggas like... good

You see me in the club, you see me in the trap
You see me in the trap yea
I'm still in the hood
I'm still in the hood
I'm still in the hood bitch

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