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Slangin Packs BASED FREESTYLE - text


I'm in the trap right now, whippin up the dough
51 on me, and I'm swervin
Niggas don't want the prolem, I'm a show your road
Riding with my niggas and we cut throat
I'm serving out dough my right hand
Fucking 10 bitches like, pay me 10 grand for them p shoes
What you wanna do, I can see through y'all
I be in the trapshouse, whippin hard
Motherfuckers know I'm gonn catch the charge
If I beat they case, I'm a slip that
Riding down 7 with a 6 pack
Er'body know I got them party
Riding in them, I'm gonn turn up
Need them vibes gonna get you one
I ain't gonn lie, I'm bout to have some fun
I be thugging all on them sweat springs
Chewing on pills in Miami
I be off with them
Bitches fuck me cause I'm exciting
I be ridin up, I flexed off
I be throwed, I flex, I flex hoe
I flex grow, I flex dough
Coming in the club you know I'm bout to spend it
Man I'm still serving far past
I'm tryina pay these tickets
They don't understand I need that quick flip
I'm lookin for the boy that fin to front the fire
I might not pay it back so I'm fin to ride
You gonn find me some and I'm a take that
Riding with the work like ajax
I'm a tell you who gangster and it feel
Riding round we gotta soul this real
I'm a tell you bout them boys playin with them 30 packs
I'm riding round 7 with with a 6 pack
Tell you bout them gangs but I'm 30's
I tell you bout them bitches that work me
Riding down 7 with a 6 pack
Fucking with me, bitch I can't relax.

Text přidal Moonblade

P.Y.T.: Pretty Young Thug

Lil' B texty

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