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Rawest Rapper Alive 2013 - text


Yea this that Illusions of Grandeur Part 2
You know everybody's still fucked up
I'm talkin bout whatever you know
Motherfuckers going to pay these dudes for this painting
I make the motherfuckers hand it down man
I'm a say fuck you niggas

Why I'm so relaxed cause I stole the strap off his hat
Ready, where he offers is at?
All from scratch, might not all from that
Murder in silence, keep stroke silence the violence
Stayin at the place where the government hiding
Bad bitch on my dick, I'll be keeping the quiet
See when you lyin, it's red, see where you lyin
See I'm a lion
Look back, she was firing
Damn I be drugged out, you see I'm a giant
Selling fake work bitch, I am not that nigga
Bitch say she love me, I am not your nigga
Dudes that you loved, I got the chopper niggas
Shotgun, make it sound like the opera niggas
All came to dead birds, ain't forgot my niggas
Now my wolf pack brothers keep it hot my nigga
I see you basin the Henny, won't stop my nigga
The one that looked at me, they called him the dead guy
Bitches spit out crack in the open
Keys ain't focused, car moves but the doors don't open
I drive the new whips where the doors start folding
Knock him in his mouth and his jaw start folding
I jizz round plays like Inkwon Bowden
Niggas think that I'm fake so they say she stole it
Put a smile on my face so I keep on rolling
I'm gonna drive with my eyes now focused
I keep on crying inside, the world on fire
But really I can play
I'm not mad cause most people on trial
Most niggas my aids, got a number to follow
Most niggas still working got a hustler's smile
Fucked the wrong bitch and had an accident child
Dots man, them hoes is fire
I'll kill the next bitch playin with child support
Often awkward, I'm a sit with the topper
He with the chopper
Nigga I'm a sleep with the chopper
Said prayin for my dad and I'm prayin for mama
Can't hate nobody cause I keep that karma
I'm ridin through the base smoking all that karma
Life a football game, we stay in the armor

Lil B, Illusions of Grandeur Part 2
Aye man, shouts out to 05, Shouts out to Hawaii
What it do?

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

Illusions Of Grandeur 2

Lil' B texty

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