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Problems - text


Open the goddamn door, what the fuck is that?
I'm a go play with the beef
You got beef?
I got a lot of beef

My OG hold yo strap, I'm a bring your million back
I'm a tell you niggas like this, I'm down for all of that
My gun got a dirty tag, put you in a body bag
Niggas say I'm Hollywood decay for the strangers
Niggas actin strange, let's hit em with the stainless
Shout out to made niggas, they some real street niggas
Run in the money and I'm a creep on the nigga
Mask on my face, I don't see no nigga
Black full, but a loof off a bitch
Keep it real boy, tell the truth he saw bitch
Stay in pocket every time I hit a lick
I be hittin licks like karma don't exist
No wonder where I'm at, I'm probly loaded with the bitch
Paranoid, I'm a reload another clip
Bitches, assholes, shut yo motherfuckin mouth
You met me in the streets, I'm a draw it down
Gun sound like based with the pound
Light niggas up, I'm the talk of the town
Feel like, parkin niggas down
Black hawk down, I'm a fuckin gangsta
Niggas don't know, man I rap with them bangers
Call me Glassface, yo life in danger
I'm the type of... could... with the hanger
Just like Neylo, motherfuckin hater
From Berkeley to them niggas in Decatur
Down to Miami, you feel me?
Wanna be down, but you not in the family
I'm all the front like hurricane Sandy
I did with them mane stay underhanded
I got a problem, I got a jamin
One more thing, don't disrespect the family
Pardon on me cause bitches can't stand me
I'm not a pussy, straight with them pussy
Shotgun pump get me a lot of pussy
Dumb niggas off in the bottom of the bushes
Everybody know that I motherfuckin took it
This Lil B

You feel me?
Everybody know I took it
Everybody know I took that and I got a problem
I got a problem
Glassface plays dirty
Nobody want to help me when I got a problem
When I got problems nobody helps me
Nobody helps Glassface
Nobody wants to help me when I'm doing bad

Text přidal Moonblade


Lil' B texty

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